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OHSAA Baseball info for Summer League Coaches

2015 COYBL Rules

Tie Breaker clarification

  • From: Doug Hare (Central Ohio Youth Baseball League)
  • To: 10u Licking County Outlaws, 11u Licking County Outlaws, 11U Worthington Nationals Red, 15 U Ohio Dawgs, 8U Dublin Green Sox (2017) and 349 more
  • Originated From: 2017 League Teams Smart Group
  • Date: 06/14/2017, 11:29am EDT

It was brought to my attention that we inadvertently left out some of the tie breaker rule in the rules published online.

The rule is:

If there is a tie with 3 or more teams, once a tie is broken with those teams, teams advance to the next tie breaker rule
until the tie is broken.

Tie breakers

1. Win-Loss Record (In Division only)

2. Head to Head (only if two teams are tied)

3. Fewest Runs Allowed (In division only)

4. Highest Total Run Differential (In division only

Head to head is considered only when two teams are tied. 

For three or more teams, head to head is skipped in favor of the next tie breakers, in order as above until the tie is

The maximum run differential per game ‚Äčis +8 or –8. 

Total run differential is the sum of each game’s differential.